Golazo FAQ

  1. Q: Why are there clubs and teams?
    A: Club is a collection of teams. You can create multiple teams under one club. For example Manchester United FC is a club, under it there are the Manchester United Senior Team, Manchester United U21 Team, Manchester United Women Team, etc. This is for big clubs that have several teams under it or for academies. 
  2. Editing Team and Players Profile.
    Q: How can I edit my Team or Player’s Profile?

    A: You can edit your team’s or player’s profile by clicking the Settings/Dashboard Button on the Main Menu.
  3. Players.
    Q: Why can’t I add my players to my team?

    A: You can only add your players when they already registered with golazo. Your players need to register with golazo as a player first.
    You can then add them to your team by:
    1. Going to their profile and click “Sign Player:, or
    2. Go to Settings & Dashboard >Clubs & Teams> Team Menu> Players> Add Players.
    After they have been added to your team, you can assign them to their squad number, position and roles.
    Alternatively, a player can also request to join a team by going to Team Profile>Click Request to Join Button.
  4. Email and Password.
    Q: I forgot my username and password. What should I do?

    A: On the main page, click the “Forget Password” button. You then need to enter your email address then we will email you a link to reset your password.
  5. Challenging.
    Q: Are the venues automatically booked for us to play on?

    A: Sadly no :( You have to book the venues yourself. Online booking for fields are in the planning however.

    Q: What are Open and Fixed Challenge.
    A: Open Challenge is where you don’t have a field at a particular date and time yet. You are simply suggesting a game with a team.
    Fixed Challenge is where you already a field booked at a time and date.
  6. Update Results.
    Q: How can I update my Match Results?

    A: Go to Team Profile>Team Matches and Results> Click on the “Pencil” Icon on the respective match.

    Q: Can I update match results of matches I had with teams not registered with golazo?
    A: Sorry you cannot :( This is to ensure the matches are legit.

    Q: Who updates the match results?
    A: The Team Admin of both teams will update the match results.

    Q: What if a Team Admin updated a false match results?
    A:  If an opponent’s Team Admin updated a false match report, your team can update the match results that you believe is true.
    In future golazo updates, you can make a report of an opponent updated a false match report.
  7. Opponents’ disciplinary and ethics.
    Q: What if an opponent perform unethical or indiscipline actions like didn’t turn up for game, come to a game late, play dangerously, created hostile situation in a game that could lead a serious fights, update false match results, lie about their profile etc?

    A: In future golazo update, you can report a team if the behave unethically or indiscipline such as didn’t turn up for game, come to a game late, play dangerously, created hostile situation in a game that could lead a serious fights, update false match results, lie about their profile etc.  
  8. Points and Ranking.
    Q: How are the points calculated?

    A: The points are calculated based on the normal football points system:
    Win: 3 points.
    Draw: 1 Point.
    Lose: 0 Point.
    However you do earn bonus points if your team:
    1. Score more goals.
    2. Beat a higher ranked team.
    3. Beat a team with higher age hierarchy.

    Q: Why do my team’s points suddenly deducted/reduced?
    A: Your team’s points can be deducted when:
    1. Your team did not play a new game on golazo for 60 days.
    2. Your team have played 41 games, as the points are based on 40 games cumulative points

    Q: What is the age hierarchy?
    A: Your team will get bonus points if win or draw with teams with higher age hierarchy. It is assumed team with higher age hierarchy will be more skilful than the lower ones. The hierarchy are as follows:
    1. Open.
    2. Under 22.
    3. Veteran.
    4. Under 18.
    5. Under 15.